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Working Together

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is an early-stage SMB SaaS entrepreneur who is looking to grow their business within the technology vertical.


How many clients do you work with?


I keep my advising business relatively small. I typically work with no more than 3-4 companies at one time. Because of this, I require a discovery call before working together. The purpose of the discovery call is to assess mutual fit, and not to sell you on my advising services.


How long does an advising engagement last?


Most of my engagements last between 10-12 months, but that is not a requirement. My minimum commitment is for at least three months together. I always work with companies and people that I believe will be a good fit long term. My long-term job is to position you and your business to operate without my advice.


Do you have an advising process?


I do not. I believe that each relationship requires something very different given the age of the business, the founder, product, team, etc. My goal is not to come in and give "one-size-fits-all" advice. My goal is to listen, learn, and collect as much context as possible before making a recommendation of any sort.


How do we start the relationship?


Once we have a discovery session and believe there is a mutual fit, I simply require the first month's payment before getting started. Once that payment is complete, we schedule an initial 1-hour session to do a deeper dive into your business, set expectations, learn about specific challenges, etc.


How often do we meet?


I typically meet with each customer weekly or bi-weekly based on the package selected. The benefit of our advising relationship is that you can text or email me at your convenience. I will typically respond right away, but I also guarantee a 24-hour response. If you find yourself in a situation where you need immediate guidance and believe a meeting is the best forum, I will always work to schedule something as soon as possible.


How long is a session?


Advising sessions typically last 60 minutes. However, there are times when a client might need to speak with me for just 10 minutes on Zoom, and other times a challenge may require the full 60 minutes. I don't run a "pay-per-minute" type of service. My goal is to provide valuable advice to my clients.


How often should I reach out?


You should reach out as often as possible. The point of our relationship is for me to provide strategic guidance when you need it. Some clients reach out once per week, while others reach out once per day. Don't be shy to text or call me.

How do we schedule our sessions?


I have a very simple Calendly link which gives you access to my schedule.


If I need something in between sessions, how quickly can you respond?


I always try to have a 24 hour response time. If something requires a faster response, the best way to reach out is via text.


How can I provide you direct feedback?


You can provide feedback at any time throughout our relationship. I prefer candid, direct feedback to make sure we are working together as effectively as possible.


How much time do I have to make a decision to move forward or not?


As much as you need. There is no urgency for you to make a decision to work with me. I prefer the right founder and the right company at the right time.

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