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About Me


I coach and strategize with founders, CRO’s and CEO’s by taking a data-driven approach to launching marketing initiatives and achieving growth.


In the last decade of my career, I've helped build two $25M+ ARR companies, teams of 100+ people, and raise over $32M in venture capital, all in the SaaS vertical.


I am a data-driven marketer, growth hacker, brand developer and start-up entrepreneur. I have over 20 years of experience growing or consulting over a dozen different start-up companies.


I have a diverse marketing experience that has lead me to be a part of everything from software start-ups (like Remodel Health) to industry-leading software companies (like ClusterTruck and BidPal) to Fortune 500 companies. 


Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife and children, motorcycle riding, running, traveling, camping, reading, and restoring old motorcycles.


Mike McLean

"Build something everyday."
Travis told me this early in my career. I took it to heart because he earned my respect as a leader who was both practitioner (he is able to get the job done himself, as necessary) and cheerleader (he constantly challenges his people with growth and opportunity). I see most leaders lacking in one or the other.


Cameron Mason

Travis quickly and respectfully improved our messaging, enhanced our brand and positioning in our space, helped craft and formulate new partnerships, and found creative ways to drive interest and adoption of our solutions.


Kim Brandt

Time and again, I am amazed at the unique combination of Travis’ talent, his cooperative personality, and his strong focus on business impact. Travis brings much more to a marketing team – he contributes with strong input on branding, market position and measurable results. 

Companies Featured in:
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