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Advising Your Company

In the last decade of my career, I've helped build two $25M+ ARR companies with teams of 100+ people and raised over $32M in venture capital, all in the SaaS vertical.


I am a data-driven marketer, growth hacker, brand developer and start-up entrepreneur. I have over 15 years of experience growing or consulting over a dozen different start-up companies.


Over that 15-year period, I've played the role of CMO at high-growth technology companies looking to get to that next level. As such, I understand  the challenges and complexities of building an SMB SaaS business.


I bring that wealth of knowledge and experience to early-stage SMB SaaS companies looking to grow in the healthcare technology and eCommerce space.


I partner with company leaders and entrepreneurs as an advisor to mentor them through their growth phase. I bring my understanding of the industry to help them lay a strong foundation for growth, avoid costly missteps, anticipate future moves and recruit teams that help them accelerate. I provide guidance to help companies grow their top-line revenue effectively and efficiently.


If you are an SMB SaaS entrepreneur in the B2B vertical looking for a trusted advisor to help navigate your next steps and grow your company, I’d love to hear from you. 


My area of expertise is in eCommerce app companies, with MRR values that are typically $500,000 or in B2B space that with ACV of $50,000 and a sales cycle of 90 days.

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